Milota Sidorová, Fulbright Slovak Student to the U.S., 2013-2014, City College of New York, Faculty of Architecture


Facilitator, moderator, strategist, planner, networker and a feminist in service of more inclusive cities.

Milota Sidorova portret by Dorota Holubova small web

Photo credit: Dorota Holubova


Milota is an expert in public spaces and participation, she holds PhD. in landscape architecture from Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. She is a founding member of the international festival on the development of the city reSITE in Prague as well as WPS Prague (Women Public Space Prague), that supports and promotes the professional activities of women experts in the fields of architecture, urban design and planning.


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Milota is a director of Urban Studies and Participatory Planning Department at Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava (Metropolitný inštitút Bratislavy) where she focuses on city planning from the perspective of inclusion and gender balance. Together with Lívia Gažová, Milota runs the radio show Living City FM (Živé mesto), the only radio show in Slovakia focused on livable and equitable cities. Environmental challenges Milota addresses within Green Foundation activities and are reflected in her work of urban planning.


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During her Fulbright research stay, she worked with Michael Sorkin at City University of New York, whom she brought to reSITE festival in Prague year after her stay. During her endless walks in the city of New York, her terrain research, she got familiar with the whole range of topics such as municipal leadership, urban risk management, poverty, criminality and gentrification in the cities. In the light of opening the discourse on urban planning and designed, she published her research online at


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As Milota says: “Fulbright scholarship was one of the best opportunities in life to experience different education system, to meet the best brains in the field, to spend hours in discussion with professors who had curious and partnership approach to me. It showed me the streets of New York in the way that even NY citizens do not know it, I walked through it, observed the life and searched for urban development linkages. It showed me how perseverance, curiosity and the desire to keep personally growing are the real philosophy of life and how complaining, as a cultural phenomenon, will lead us nowhere.”