Alumni Spotlight

Dominika Semaňáková

Dominika Semaňáková is a musicologist, a music rights management professional, founder & editor-in-chief of SATB.SK and a non-professional musician.

Dominika is currently the Head of the Communication Department at the Slovak Performing and Mechanical Rights Society (SOZA). She is also the founder & editor-in-chief of SATB.SK a web portal that’s purpose is to promote and support choral singing in Slovakia. Together with her colleagues at SOZA, she worked on the Listen Local app – an application that helps to promote local music to the audience. She worked at the National Center of Culture and Further Education where she provided consultations to local and regional musical organizations within the whole country, she was also a project manager at Viva musica!, and editor for the music streaming platform IDAGIO. Dominika also volunteered for different local organizations related to music and education. She herself is a non-professional musician, she plays the piano, and sings in Lúčnica Chorus.

Dominika received her first Master’s Degree in Musicology at the Comenius University in Bratislava and spent her Erasmus semester at Universität Wien. In addition to her university studies, she attended a full-time boarding school program at Collegium of Anton Neuwirth with a focus on the liberal arts.

During her Fulbright fellowship, she studied second Master’s Degree in Audio Arts at the Newhouse School of Public Communication/College of Visual and Performing Arts - an interdisciplinary master’s program with specializations at the intersection of music and media. She gained knowledge in economics, law, and technologies related to the music industry. A crucial part of her master's degree was an internship that Dominika spent at Nashville Symphony – that received 13 Grammy Awards.

As Dominika says: “No experience has taught me more about myself than the Fulbright program. Living in a country far from everything that was ever close to me pushed me to the limits of my strength. But once you reach such a border, you must discover what is beyond it. You go, you search, you experience until you finally find that your possibilities are richer and bigger than you could ever imagine. I will forever be grateful to the Fulbright program for the opportunity to study at a top university, which gave me not only knowledge but also many career opportunities and exceptional people. “