Since the foundation of the J. William Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange in the Slovak Republic in 1994, more than 350 Slovak grantees have had the opportunity to study, teach or conduct research in the United States, and nearly 400 American students, scholars, and professionals have been awarded Fulbright or other grants administered by the Commission in a variety of academic fields in Slovakia. Many of the Fulbright alumni became important leaders in academic and research institutions, government and politics, non-governmental sector, arts and other fields of social life.

Becoming a Fulbrighter means entering into a diverse community of accomplished individuals. There are many ways to stay involved, including reaching out to home communities, participating in Fulbright alumni associations, or networking with other Fulbrighters. Whether it is for career development and possibilities, new grant opportunities, travel advice, or post-grant activities, Fulbrighters are always ready to help each other.

The Slovak Fulbright Alumni Association (SFAA)

has been established in 2001 to promote the Fulbright Program and its goals in the Slovak Republic and in the United States. The SFAA supports the Slovak Fulbright Commission by mentoring Slovak Fulbright applicants, supporting and advising American Fulbrighters in Slovakia on professional and personal life in Slovakia, and organizing social events for its members. For more information, please visit:

The Fulbright Association

is a private, non-profit organization founded by U.S. Fulbright alumni in 1977. It is one of approximately 65 national Fulbright Alumni associations worldwide. The Association is dedicated to promoting the flagship program for international educational and cultural exchange, enriching the experiences of visiting Fulbright students, teachers, and scholars, and fostering a global network of Fulbright alumni. The Association facilitates relationships among former Fulbright grantees and provides hospitality and enrichment activities for visiting Fulbright students, scholars and teachers during their stay in the United States.


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