Inter-Country Travel Grant
for U.S. Lecturers in Europe

The Inter-Country Travel Grant is an opportunity for Slovak scholars and other professionals that are currently on Fulbright programs in Europe to create connections with fellow U.S. scholars in their field. Through this program, Slovak institutions can invite a U.S. scholar for a short visit to Slovakia. The purpose of the (maximum 5-day) visit can be lecturing, consulting, hosting workshops, an evaluation/development project or other relevant outreach activities with a wide impact. The Slovak institution is responsible for taking care of all practical arrangements related to the U.S. Fulbright scholar's visit to the host institution and in the host city. The Slovak institution is expected to arrange possible work space and necessary equipment, help the visiting Fulbright scholar to make important local professional contacts, introduce the scholar to the host institution faculty and staff and show them around the university.

What type of institutions can apply?

Grant Benefits

How to apply

Slovak institutions who want to invite a U.S. scholar for a short visit (maximum 5-day) should follow these steps:

1. See the list of current U.S. Fulbright Scholars (AY 22-23) in Europe and contact the U.S. Fulbright Scholar you would like to invite to Slovakia. You can search this list by academic discipline and specialization. Please note that this list includes only U.S. scholars in Fulbright commission countries in Europe.
To explore all current Fulbright Scholars in Europe, even those placed in countries without Fulbright commission, please use this database . Make sure to insert the current academic year and discipline you are interested in.

2. Agree the details of the visit with the Fulbright scholar, such as purpose and impact of the visit, day by day activities, and the local costs (accommodation, meals, and other resulting expenses, transportation from the airport/train station in Slovakia) and who covers them.

3. Fill out an application and submit it to the following e-mail address:

4. The Slovak host institution and U.S. Fulbright scholar receive a joint letter from the Commission with the grant decision and details of the grant as well as other important information to help with their travel plans. (The message is cc’ed to the Fulbright commission in the country where the U.S. scholar is currently residing as a Fulbright grantee, or to the US Embassy if the scholar is in a European country that does not have a Fulbright commission. This is simply to confirm that the respective host commission/Embassy have no objections to the travel.)

5. Complete a host report form at the end of the visit and submit it to the Commission.

Please note that Inter-Country Travel recipient Fulbright grantees are not permitted to receive honoraria from the U.S. Government, inviting Commission, or sponsoring institution.


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis from September to June. Institutions should bear in mind that they need to apply at least six weeks before the planned visit.