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Photo by Eva Klanduchová

Lýdia Tobiášová
Executive Director

Fulbright Slovakia website provides you with comprehensive and up-to-date information on exchange programs, events and activities of the Slovak Fulbright Commission that administers the Fulbright Program and other programs in Slovakia. It also includes basic information on the global Fulbright Program, our grantees, alumni, Commission staff and the Commission´s board, information on what we do and what we stand for. More information can be found in the section About Us.

Besides offering various grants for both, Slovaks and Americans, we are also the only official institution in Slovakia certified to provide accurate, comprehensive, and current information about studies in the U.S. through our educational advising center EducationUSA, which is part of the worldwide educational advising network of the U.S. Department of State.

Our mission is to promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Slovakia through educational and cultural exchanges. We believe that by bringing Slovaks and Americans to live and learn together we can shape a more positive vision for our communities and our world. Over the years, the Fulbright Program in Slovakia has helped forge lasting connections, counter misunderstandings, and ensure our people and nations work toward common goals.

Fulbright Slovakia offers a variety of Fulbright and other grants for individuals depending on the category, whether they are students, scholars or professionals, and a limited grant offer for institutions.

We, in our team, believe strongly in the value of international educational exchanges. We serve our clients in a way that best meets their professional and personal interests bearing in mind their potential to contribute to the mission of the Fulbright Program. We firmly stand for diversity and inclusion that we apply in our day-to-day activities and, therefore, we welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds and fields. We especially encourage candidates and institutions coming from underserved or underrepresented communities to apply.

The grants offered by the Commission are structured into two main categories:

Going to the US - grants for Slovak citizens and institutions

Going to Slovakia - grants for American citizens and institutions.

For more details, please click on a specific grant and learn more about grant description, eligibility criteria, grant benefits and further instructions on how to apply.

Fulbrighters create a vital part of the Fulbright Program in Slovakia. As alumni of the Fulbright Program, they do not only represent a diverse community in terms of social, professional and cultural background, but they are active members of the civil society and leaders in their fields, who foster social change, are positive example for their communities and are committed to the shared mission – promotion of a mutual understanding abroad and home.

When you become a Fulbrighter, you’ll also become a part of a dynamic and diverse global network that fosters mutual understanding between nations, shares knowledge across communities, and improves lives around the world. As a Fulbrighter, you’ll join thousands of alumni serving as leaders across the globe in every field of study.

Please feel free to contact me directly, or reach out to any of my colleagues at Fulbright Slovakia for more information.

I hope that you find the information provided on our website useful, consider applying to one of our programs, and become a Fulbrighter.